Performance Issues

My Lucee Installation is sometimes slow and I want to think about how to serve more concurrent requests and users.

Right now:

1x dedicated VM with lucee/apache; 1x dedicated VM with mysql.

My plans:

  1. level:
    1x dedicated VM with two lucee instances and apache2 uses theses with load balancing

  2. level:
    2x dedicated VM with two lucee instances and apache2
    new VM with haproxy for sticky sessions load balancing

  3. level
    number of dedicated VM with two lucee instances and apache2
    cluster of haproxy VMs for load balancing

  4. level
    maybe multiple containers (docker?) for starting/stopping if ressources are needed.

Any opinions to my setup? Any experiences like “you can skip step…” or “think of issue…”? Thanks for your input!

You need to first diagnose what is slow before you just throw more hardware at it

You might need to tune some code and your database, all depends on what is “slow”

For some insight, you could install my performance analyzer plugin and enable debugging,
to see if you have slow queries or a problem with variable scoping, or just certain pages running slowly

Or you can try fusion reactor.

Also what version of Lucee and java are you running?

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I would suggest using a caching proxy for all your static content, such as Apache HTTPD and then use mod_event and mod proxy to serve lucee / ColdFusion.

Zac is right-- find what’s slow first before you do anything. I can push 5,000 requests a second through a Lucee hello world page on my old 4 core PC. FusionReactor will identity the slowest parts of your code or configuration right away.

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