Performance Analyzer Extension v2.0.0.1 - Report by file or Path

Now with Drill down by file or path, thanks @Gert for the suggestion


I’ve just downloaded my fork of your plug-in to my local workstation and went quickly through some of your commit history. It’s really interesting to see your plugin growing and getting more mature step by step. It’s also a beautiful example of creating plug-ins. Much better than a “hello world” example. As soon as it gets more mature and stable I’d wish it gets shipped and pre-installed in Lucee’s administrator. Really nice!

@Zackster does the templates section track unused templates by any chance? One of the banes of my existence is older code bases with unused code that nobody has the confidence to remove :wink:

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I have no idea what you’re talking about!

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What the… what the!

How’s the usage count done? Are you seeing if the class file is touched or doing some sort of logging? I guess its a leading question as to whether or not the tracking overhead allows it to be run in a live environment.

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Template usage only appears when you have at least one filter in place and the filter isn’t a single file

i.e. a directory or path fragment

code speaks louder than words

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