passwordCharacterEncoding error on DSN creation

I am getting this error. I updated just the other day on my dev platform. I will try rolling back to see if that fixes the issue.

Could not connect to address=(host=localhost)(port=3306)(type=master) : Access denied for user ‘cfServer’@‘localhost’ (using password: YES)
Current charset is windows-1252. If password has been set using other charset, consider using option ‘passwordCharacterEncoding’


I can’t really follow up. What exactly did you update? The OS, the DB, your password? The Charset of the DB/tables? Did you update your password with a wrong encoding? What DB-Engine (MySQL?) and OS are you using remote and local?

Sorry, I could have stated what I updated. I update Lucee to from I did not have this issue before. I will hunt down the issue.

Did you change the Charset or Use Unicode setting in your datasource?

The databases are all setup with unicode. utf8mb4 is the default on most of the database. The only thing that changes was the version of Lucee. But I doubt I will get back to this issue today.