Passing page variables to ZARAZ for Disqus

Hi there, I’m trying to implement GDPR cookie consent for the services we use using Cloudflare and ZARAZ consent. Primarilly for Disqus which we use.

However documentation is pretty skinny.
I am looking to create a tool on ZARAZ which accesses Javascript variables - eg page title, url, id - I currently pass these with the page code I have , its straight forward as its part of the cfm.

But with ZARAZ the Disqus script will be handled externally or rather with an include that is called from Cloudflare - is it possible for me to set the variable using:

toscript( myvar,  #myvalue#, outputFormat=boolean, ASFormat=boolean );

And access that variable from the ZARAZ implementation?
Or is there a better way to pass these variables?