Parent Focus

I have a page with a number of buttons. On loading of this page, a logon iFrame is launched and following a satisfactory logon, the iFrame asks the parent to remove it and my tests indicate it is removed but now none of the buttons on the parent page will work. My test for parent focus says it has focus. If I reload the page, I go back through the logon loop and still no buttons work. Without the iFrame, all buttons work. The last things the iFrame child does is a window.parent.focus() command followed by a window.parent.closeLogon(). At closeLogon in the parent, it executes ifram.parentnode.removeChild(ifram). I have an event listener looking for “DOMNodeRemoved” and it responds in the positive. So, it appears that the child is gone and the parent has focus, so why don’t the buttons work?

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OS: Win10
Java Version: 8 Update 291
Tomcat Version: 9
Lucee Version:

Hi @new2lucee, this is a pure front end/JavaScript question. There are better places to place your question than here, because this forum is more for cfm(backend) and Lucee related questions.

Good place to look an answer for your issue would be stackoverflow. I’m sure you’ll get better help there.

Remember/consider to place some code, so that others can reproduce and understand your issue better, especially about what the buttons do (code).