Package Management for Lucee

Hello Everyone,

I am fairly new to Lucee and have been using it at my job for the last year and a half. I am finding myself reusing a ton of packages and wanted to know if there was a central place to put some of it. Like an ‘npm’ sort of solution for Lucee. Does something like this exist?

I noticed a thread about CommandBox (Command box package manager feature), but wasn’t really sure if that was specifically for Lucee or not. I also looked at some of the stuff on RIAforge, but the majority of it looks really old.


Lucee gives you the ability to package and install extensions, but that’s not really what one might describe as package management.

You might like this post from CommandBox aficionado Brad Wood (@bdw429s) :

Why writing CLI scripts in CommandBox is better than Node

PS. RIAForge is pretty old! Not likely to find options for package-management there

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Hi @mobross, the CFML site for hosting packages is It pairs with the CommandBox CLI for a very npm-esque ecosystem that’s neither specific to Lucee or any particular framework. You can package your libraries, publish them, and install them along with their dependencies, all from the CLI. The link Geoff put up is nice, but more geared toward people writing CLI scripts. Here’s some doc links that cover the package management features of CommandBox and better.

Let me know if you have further questions.