Outdated extensions bundled with Lucee latest

As a test, I just downloaded and installed the latest express version, both the PDF and MSSQL extensions already say update me, is there any reason the latest versions aren’t bundled?

The Release date refers to available updated version? Perhaps “Update Released” would be clearer? Also is it possible to include release date in the downgrade/upgrade dropdowns (after the version number)?

Also http://extension.lucee.org/ is just redirecting to http://lucee.org/

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@micstriit Can you help explain what version of the extensions get bundled with the server? Is there a way to always bundle the latest versions of the extensions?

This is where I look for the current status of extensions:


PS. Not sure what the status of http://extension.lucee.org/ is – where did you see it linked from? Is it just the provider link in the Administrator as shown in your screengrab?


I believe that http://extension.lucee.org/ is a provider endpoint only and is not meant to be browsed.

For example, you need a fully formed provider URL like:

that’s the provider link in the screenshot

there aren’t really any extension specific documentation pages at the moment?

Every lucee.jar bundles the required extensions, the lucee core (an OSGi bundle) defines the required bundles in the Manifest. Lucee does not necessary bundle the latest version of an extension, specially when we update an extension we wait sometime before we bundle that version with the core.

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I think the intention is to store any extended information in the README of the relevant extension project, for example:

But in many cases when old Mother Hubbard gets to the cupboard…

and users are meant to log extension issues in github or jira?

Log to Jira

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For now I think its going to get the most visibility in JIRA.

In the longer term, this might change for individual teams that take up an Extension project.

PS. I would have preferred to move everything to GitHub but the core committers prefer the existing JIRA set up

do they get flagged as betas?

Can somebody with JIRA admin rights create a Component for each extension?

no they are not flagged as beta, we are simply careful to make it the default. In this case we simple have a new version of the JDBC drivers, have in mind that a newer JDBC driver also can produce problems with people using older DB versions. That does not necessary mean that something is wrong with the driver. the problem could be the combination of a specific driver with a specific DB version. So in that case we let the people update so people are aware they did update the JDBC driver.
An older JDBC driver sometime has a broader support than the latest version.
We see that specially with PostgreSQL, we are always very careful with newer version coming from them.