Ot: seeking help from linux/ubuntu guru

i started two processes in the background yesterday, now i want to kill one of them ( the lucee docker container ) and I started that using the following command:
( docker run --rm -p 8000:8000 myapp & )

ps - u {myusername} shows a few processes, one of the two processes is easily recognizable from CMD column, however, the other one I can’t, and the other one is lucee docker container, any idea?


Wrt the docker container - just stop the docker container.

docker ps

Find myapp

docker stop thehexidforthecontainerrunningmyapp

Personally, i would just do docker run -d … instead. If you want to see the console just use docker logs -f and its pretty much the same, but you have more options.

As for the other process… donno. Just be aware that background doesnt necessary mean it’ll persist across sessions… technically you need to disconnect from the terminal … i.e. setsid nohup somecommand. So are you sure its still running? ps awwux

But if the command can daemonize itself i’d always use that first.

Excellent, Joe, silly me, forgot about docker, the important player for containers … my bad.