OT: gmail plugin


I wonder if it’s possible to use Lucee to create a gmail plugin. I’m just thinking loud here…


If by plugin you mean extension then yes… the front end would be javascript and the back end Lucee.

Did you have something specific in mind? (I’m referring to chrome extension)

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Yes, extension, so, sounds like it would be a chrome extension. Where can I see such sample code? googling for it?



(Google is my friend…:slight_smile:

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If you’re planning on using the gmail api in your extension, be aware that it will be subject to an independent security review before Google will approve it, and that costs between $15,000 - $75,000 (Google’s estimate). This does not apply if it’s an internal web app (not public).


i appreciate the info, in the meantime, for google, go f??k themselves! it’s already pretty evil enough!!! definitely NOT my friend.

what do you mean by “internal web app” in relation to gmail extension?

You do not need to submit your app for review if it’s going to be used in any of the following scenarios:

Andrew, I appreciate the info. Not sure if it’s worth the time and effort. My initial idea was to create a tiny plugin or extension and share it with a few friends or acquaintances who also use gmail and that plugin or extension would solve only problem that they care. If too much hassle, then forget it.