Ot: centOS and virtual machine

Sorry this is an ot.
Has anyone installed centOS (version 7) unto VirtualBox (virtual machine) with success? My installation almost completed, however, it hanged at the last step, “Performing post-installation setup tasks”.

I’ve, personally, found VirtualBox to be buggy and unreliable as a virtual machine platform and have used VMWare instead for many years.

That said, you can find pre-installed Linux distros for VirtualBox (and VMWare for that matter) online in many places, such as https://www.osboxes.org/centos/, which may work better for you if you’re having issues installing it yourself.


– Denny

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I appreciate the input. Since my box does not VMware installed, doing all this stuff vs. rent a cheap VPS the latter might quicker. Btw, what’s your experience of running Railo / Lucee on CentOS and how’s mySQL fare on such OS?

We run a large Linux estate, with VMware in Production, and generally VirtualBox for local testing where the differences between VMWare/VBox won’t matter so much.

Not that it helps much in your instance - but tend to find myself installing CentOS7 several times a month in VirtualBox, and not hit any issues so far.

We generally use latest CentOS7 minimal ISO, create new VM, expand the disk image, allocate a sensible amount of RAM, boot the VM into the ISO, setup network + root passwords (generally bridged in our location), wait for install to complete.

Are you trying to do a network install perhaps (and VirtualBox isn’t setup with the correct network adapters?). Also be worth checking the disk image has the correct SHA.

Though as @ddspringle correctly suggests, you may be better off getting one of the pre-packaged VBox versions if either VirtualBox or CentOS7 are new to you.

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Thanks. Yes, new to both VirtualBox and CentOS7. Internet research suggested that the particular CentOS7 ISO image had a bug. I downloaded ubuntu over the weekend but haven’t try to install it onto the VirtualBox yet.

Also, I’m getting a new laptop in several days.

My suggestion is download the .net iso for Centos 7.

It will install in a few minutes depending on your resources.

I’ll consider it, thanks.