OSGi download errors

Yesterday we experienced a lengthy issue where the following error was repeatedly output from our containers:

ERROR”,“http-nio-8888-exec-5”,“06/21/2024”,“13:22:46”,“OSGi”,"Lucee is not able do download the bundle for [org.postgresql.jdbc42] in version [42.1.4] from https://release.lucee.org/rest/update/provider/download/org.postgresql.jdbc42/42.1.4/?serverId=&serverSecurityKey=&allowRedirect=true&jv=1.8.0_252

This error mysteriously resolved itself at 13:22 UTC today. The above is the last appearance of the error. Was there anything weird going on with release.lucee.org yesterday/today?

OS: aws fargate
Java Version: 8
Tomcat Version: 9.0
Lucee Version:
** Container base image**:

It appears to be hitting this line: Lucee/core/src/main/java/lucee/runtime/osgi/OSGiUtil.java at dbd3c911bb61ca4494e35ef7bf0794c4bbaf3ba0 · lucee/Lucee · GitHub

I’m unsure what status code was being returned but it was not a 200 apparently. It wasn’t enough to throw an exception since that’s trapped in the earlier code block.

There seems to be some activity on here: GitHub - lucee/lucee-data-provider
However I’m not sure if that code is used on the domain release.lucee.org.


Thank you! It does look like they did some major work over the past 24 hours. And the release.lucee.org dns entry points to the same place as download.lucee.org so I’m somewhat confident it’s the same service behind the scenes. Thank you for pointing out this repo and the activity. Seems plausible to me that there might have been a few issues that they introduced and then fixed.