ORMreload freezes applications/apache

Hey everyone,

We’ve currently got a big problem what prevents us to continue programming.
We had a working lucee instance on a virtual windows server but unfortunately
that server crashed. So we build it up again on a clean server but now we’re
running against some problems.

Server information
OS: Virtual windows server 2012 R2
Lucee version:
Tomcat: Apache Tomcat 9.0.14
Java: 11.0.6

What is working?
I can access the Lucee screen and simple websites that don’t use ORM.

What is the problem?
So we have some “big” applications that use FW/1 and the ORM framework. We have about
150-200 entities. I use the function ORMreload to reload the entities when changes are made.
Because the applications are now noticeable slower I thought I maybe need to use ORMreload
to have a clean ORM mapping? But when I use that function the whole application goes into a timeout.
I even increased the timeout limit to 4 minutes, without any luck. I also see that the apache daemon services got stuck around 50 procent CPU. I also notice that when I stop the daemon through the Tomcat application that it doesn’t remove the service. Meaning I’ve to manually stop this service to enable the start button.

Extra info
The weird part is that this whole application was working before the crash. All the code is the same, the database is the same, Lucee/tomcat is the same etc. still we notice that it’s much slower. We have upped the initial memory setting, tried garbage collector settings etc. Before the crash when I used
ORMreload it took about 3-4 seconds. And the general page loads where seconds less.

How can we analyse this? Please if somebody can help us in the right direction how to solve this, that would be great!

Kind regards,

We and others have experienced the same problem with the current “stable” release 5.4.80, see this discussion.

I’d recommend upgrading to 5.4.85-SNAPSHOT. We’ve been running this in production for a few days now and it’s been solid.

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Hmm looks like it freezes while updating. I get back to you when we successfully installed the snapshot!
Thanks in advance!

If that’s happening via the admin UI, then you can just copy the core file to to the patches folder and restart the Lucee service.

Core file: https://download.lucee.org/?snapshots= under Snapshots
Patches folder: [lucee install directory]\tomcat\lucee-server\patches


When I restarted the tomcat service I saw that lucee had the snapshot installed.
And indeed it is all working again! It took us 2 days to analyse this problem (because
we thought it had something to do with the server, and some other problems)

Maybe it’s an idea that when something is wrong with a stable version that this is displayed in
the lucee admin as a notification. Still many thanks for your time! Now we can finally continue our