ORM Flush Makes Unnecessary Update Calls


Lucee ORM seems to be making unnecessary DB update calls when ORM session is flushed. Whenever there’s a 1-to-n relationship between two entities, if you load the master entity and call session flush, Lucee ORM wants to set the id in the child entities to null and back to the original id (either the updates are carried out or if the field is non-nullable in the DB, you get an exception).

This happens in all hql queries or entity loads and creates a lot of overhead for a real application, but for a simple case:

component persistent="true" {

	property name="id" column="ArtistId" fieldtype="id" generator="increment";
	property name="firstname" ormtype="string";    
	property name="lastname" ormtype="string";    


component persistent="true" {

	property name="id" column="artid" fieldtype="id" generator="increment";
	property name="name" ormtype="string";
	property name="price" ormtype="double";

	property name="artist" fieldtype="many-to-one" cfc="artist";    

Code to execute (assuming you have at lease one artist and 2 related arts) :

	artist = entityLoadByPk('Artist', 1);

Creates the below log (the updates happen if flushAtRequestEnd is true or you flush the ORM session by ORMGetSession().flush() within the flush code):

        artist0_.ArtistId as ArtistId5_0_,
        artist0_.firstname as firstname5_0_,
        artist0_.lastname as lastname5_0_ 
    from Artist artist0_  where artist0_.ArtistId=?
        art0_.ARTISTID as ARTISTID5_1_,
        art0_.artid as artid1_,
        art0_.artid as artid4_0_,
        art0_.name as name4_0_,
        art0_.price as price4_0_,
        art0_.ARTISTID as ARTISTID4_0_  
    from Art art0_ where art0_.ARTISTID=?
    update Art set ARTISTID=null where ARTISTID=?
    update Art set ARTISTID=? where artid=?
    update Art set ARTISTID=? where artid=?

As you see the update calls are completely unnecessary as no change has been made.

I’m using Lucee with MS SQL Server and tried this with both Microsofts Driver and JTD Driver. This seems to be a bug but I’d appreciate any ideas as to why this might be happening. In my real world application, this case forces the already loaded entities to be reloaded into session with new selects after the update and it makes Lucee unusable in terms of performance compared to Railo.


Can anybody comment on this or confirm this is a bug? Should I create a ticket?

I think I have seen something similar, if you can recreate it in a very simple example then I think you should create a ticket and submit your simple example as a zip.