ORM Collection property mapping ignores lazy


In my component there are role property that is mapped with the collection mapping. However “lazy” parameter is ignored and always true. When I look to hibernate sql log it doesn’t fetch role property on entityload. Generated XML mapping also lacks lazy attibute in <bag>

Here’s the property mapping:
property name ="role" fieldtype="collection" type="array" table="admin_user_roles" fkcolumn="user_id" elementcolumn="role" elementtype="string" lazy="false" cascade="all" remotingFetch="true";

Generated XML looks like this:

<bag name="role" table="admin_user_roles">
<key column="user_id"/>
<element column="`role`" type="string"/>


Was this ever resolved? I have the same issue where a lazy=“true” on a many-to-one mapping is not working as expected - always returns the sub-collection.

@Zac_Spitzer @IamSigmund Can someone comment on this one? (Lazy=true not being respected in ORM)?