ORM Collection property mapping ignores lazy


In my component there are role property that is mapped with the collection mapping. However “lazy” parameter is ignored and always true. When I look to hibernate sql log it doesn’t fetch role property on entityload. Generated XML mapping also lacks lazy attibute in <bag>

Here’s the property mapping:
property name ="role" fieldtype="collection" type="array" table="admin_user_roles" fkcolumn="user_id" elementcolumn="role" elementtype="string" lazy="false" cascade="all" remotingFetch="true";

Generated XML looks like this:

<bag name="role" table="admin_user_roles">
<key column="user_id"/>
<element column="`role`" type="string"/>


Was this ever resolved? I have the same issue where a lazy=“true” on a many-to-one mapping is not working as expected - always returns the sub-collection.

@Zackster @IamSigmund Can someone comment on this one? (Lazy=true not being respected in ORM)?

@psarin / @Zackster - Following up o this, can one of you refresh my memory–was this ever ticketed, or just noted here in the forum?


It says one to one mapping but also true for many to one

Got it. Thx. I’ve added it to my watch list, and I’ll investigate more soon.