Oracle Queries slow compared to CF Server

When I test a page with a lot of Oracle queries on Lucee it appears that all queries are taking well over a second. Page is taking over 20 seconds to load most of the time. Except sometimes on reload it will load quickly as you can see below. Loads in under a second on CF server?

46 Queries Executed (Total Records: 1367; Total Time: 22,774.657 ms; Total Open Connections: 2)

Same page on Lucee after refresh:
46 Queries Executed (Total Records: 1367; Total Time: 104.536 ms; Total Open Connections: 1)

Any optimizations I can try? Is it the driver?

Connection limit (max) = 50

Using the “Thin” driver:
Oracle 11g (Release 2)
Oracle Database Driver to access an Oracle Database System.

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Version Lucee
Version Name Gelert
Release date Oct 11, 2023
ontainer Apache Tomcat/9.0.24
Java 11.0.6 (Oracle Corporation) 64bit
OS Linux (3.10.0-1062.4.1.el7.x86_64) 64bit
Architecture 64bit

Is it possible that it is quick the second time around - because of browser caching?

Do you have any caching as part of the query? (cachedwithin…)

related ticket on jira [LDEV-4667] - Lucee

Would the debugging tell me that the query was cached? Or would it give the time it took to run in milliseconds?

Not sure of what they are suggesting with the new filter=”TABLE” also helps?

Debugging says “none” for cache type on both: