Oracle db 20sec query timeout

We regularly get this error from an large oracle database query:

request /test//cfc/Test.cfc (C:\inetpub\wwwroot\test\cfc\Test.cfc) has run into a timeout (20 seconds) and has been stopped

I tried to increase the timeout value with
< cfquery name=“getData” timeout=“30” >
but this had no effect. It seams that this statement does not work for the Orcale db driver extension? Docs says that this statement is for JDDB-Drivers. Isn’t the Oracle driver also JDBC? Can someone please tell me how I can set a new timeout value, so the default 20sec will not be used. Can I set this on the Lucee Server side or is this a timeout that has to be changed on the Orcale db-engine?

I think you are just hitting the overall request timeout of 20s

try using <cfsetting requesttimeout=“30”> to extend the timeout

Yes, thanks for the fast answer!
I had looked in the lucee admin for the value “Request timeout” which is at 30sec. But the app developer set a lower value in Application.cfc . So that was the reason.