Occasional java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError for pgsql on startup


lucee version: (I had to roll back to this version due to https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-1640 and haven’t gotten around to upgrading since it’s been fixed)

Every once in a while my application fails to start spectacularly. The issue surfaces itself depending on load (i.e. a higher server load gives a higher chance of triggering). It’s likely a race condition but I’m not sure where to look (I’m new to CF).

These errors manifest and continue to spam logs until I kill and try again. Right now it’s a gamble on whether I get a “clean” startup.

"ERROR","Thread-62","11/17/2018","06:07:30","","Type: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Time: 17-Nov-18 06:07 AM
Correlation ID:
Message: org/postgresql/util/ByteConverter
Extended Info:
Error Code: 0

It’s always related to postgresql when it does appear.

My lucee config can be viewed here (new user, can’t upload files):


Does any kind soul have an inkling as to why this is happening, or at least a good place for me to investigate?

Thank you!


what version of java are you running?


OpenJDK 8. This was experienced both with Debian and Alpine’s versions.


does the problem still occur with the latest ?


I’ve been unable to replicate it so far on but I can on

This doesn’t mean that the issue isn’t there; sometimes it’ll hide itself for a bit before spitting fire out again. I’ll keep testing.


I’ve been testing some more with the SNAPSHOT and haven’t been able to get it. But then again, I’ve been unable to hit it on today either. It really likes to hide sometimes.

Typically to test I’m running stress -j8 and startup up the application.


Is there any commit or bug report that leads one to believe that the latest -SNAPSHOT has a fix for this?