Obfuscation encryption cfm

I remember ACF having an ability to encrypt/decrypt …cfm files for the purpose of Obfuscation of the script files.

Is this possible with lucee? If not are there any other strategies that can be used, like deploying compiled cfm,etc?

Also im using commandbox. Not sure if that matters on this subject.

There are two separate things ACF allows:

  1. Precompilation of files
  2. Encryption

I’m not sure that Lucee has anything for #2 unless it’s a hidden feature. You can do #1 by hand if you just go copy the class files from your cfclasses folder and rename them back to .cfm which is pretty messy. I think Lonnie Ramirez was working on a CommandBox command to do this, but you’d have to ping him on CFML Slack and ask. @lramirez

You can also export a whole mapping (create a mapping to all the folder you want encrypted) and export it (in the admin) and you have a lucee archive that you can now create another mapping. It’s basically one zip of all the files you want.


thanks for this.

I don’t quite understand this, yet but I will try to experiment with it. Thank you for the suggestion.