No matching function/Method getcreationhelper()

OS: Windows
Java Version: 11
Tomcat Version:9
Lucee Version:

We are using HSSF for excel sheet downbloads. For older version of lucee getcreationhelper() was working with HSSF, but now with the version upgrade when I ma using same code I am getting error as No matching function/Method for getcreationhelper(). I couldnt find any solution on google. If some one could help me resolving issue ASAP it will be much appreciated and I need the help the most.

Apache POI is no longer included in the Lucee core. There are other options for working with spreadsheets in Lucee:


I installed CFSIMPLICITY and with a minimum of code refactoring I solved it. Cfsimplicity is much better than cfspreadsheetl.


Thank you for your response! But we are including poi jars in catlina lib folder manually, for its working fine but its not working.

Have you tried with

Is there a specific reason why you need to interact directly with POI? The options mentioned before make it really easy to do a wide range of tasks with spreadsheets in straightforward CFML without you having to call POI’s java classes, and they work with all current versions of Lucee.