New Video Guide about installing Lucee on Ubuntu 20.04LTS Server and Apache

Hi to all,

I’ve contributed a Quick Video Tutorial to Lucee’s docs about installing Lucee on a clean Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Server and connecting to Apache2 web server with reverse proxy and cfml_mod from a remote Windows 10 machine. I’ve done it using a very GUIs ‘Desktop’ approach because in my opinion visualizing the steps in that manner is way more descriptive than a pure command line approach. It makes use of Ubuntu’s desktop environment xfce4 with it’s lightwight display manager lightdm in a “on demand” manner.

This video guide intention is also to encourage “windows only guys” like I’ve been before to try out Linux. Linux doesn’t have to be always a purely command line approach, if you don’t want to. Hope very much it helps others.