New patch release (

There is a new patch release ( available to install on the “dev” update provider.

You can find detailed instructions to update here (including instruction if you are behind a firewall):

To get the fix for ticket LDEV-429, you need to update the jars in question:

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Release Notes
[ LDEV-429 ] Unable to access Youtube API using SSL
[ LDEV-430 ] logging for datasources

Since we’re pulling in those two libraries from Maven (httpclient / httpmime) due to needing specific versions, could you at least tell us which versions you’ve updated to now?

Apologies. The Apache HTTP JARs have made the release a bit of a mess.

@micstriit has been on holiday – but he’s back tomorrow. Will raise it with him as a matter of priority.

you can see the versions here:


Luckily in Lucee 5 this is a much better:

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Thanks @micstriit !

Those match what we have in our “dependencies” project – good to know we’re all on the same versions!