New Page Parts debugging report in Lucee 6

Have you ever wanted to know which bit of a .cfm file was slow?

Add the following lines to your Lucee 6 .CFCONFIG.json


Then my Performance Analyzer v plugin (GitHub - zspitzer/lucee-performance-analyzer: Performance Analyzer plugin for Lucee, to be used in the Lucee Admin or Standalone.) will show you the following super useful debugging report

Thanks to @micstriit for the tip about the existing functionality

There’s another improvement coming up in Lucee 6 as well, logging UDF and member function execution times

Once that’s completed and merged in, you can really get a detailed picture of what code is running slowly with these two new Lucee 6 features.

Alas, don’t ask me about the Lucee 6 roadmap just yet, but I can say 5.3.8 is going RC2 next week


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This is awesome

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