New IIS site - Tomcat Mod_CFML error

OS: Windows Server 2016 / IIS 10
Lucee Version:

Hi, on a server running several IIS websites I added a new website. When trying to browse to a .cfm file on this site, I keep getting this error:

Tomcat Mod_CFML error
mod_cfml request authentication failed!

Browsing to an .html file on the same site works fine, and all other IIS sites are running fine. I ran the Boncode connector setup, but to no avail. I also added the new site in the \tomcat\conf\server.xml under “ADD NEW HOSTS HERE”.

What am I missing? Thany you for any hints!


SOLVED - C:\lucee\tomcat\conf\Catalina\w3svc12\ROOT.xml was missing and had to be added manually