New Association Members

Lucee represents the very best CFML engine available. It’s fantastic to see the LAS Membership grow to embrace more companies that want to safeguard the future of CFML. The financial contribution from Members is important, but it’s the enthusiasm for the project they bring that can really make the difference.
President Geoff Bowers (@modius)

The Lucee Association Switzerland (LAS) is pleased to announce that several new member companies have joined the association. The addition of these companies to LAS will help to expand the scope of work that it is possible for LAS to undertake and continue to build on Lucee’s success.

New LAS Members

The new additions to the member ranks of LAS are Mura, AutoConX Systems and Mitrahsoft.


Mura is a very popular open source CFML-based content management system (CMS). Mura CMS helps you complete serious web, mobile, extranet & intranet projects faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Mura’s powerful feature set, matched with tremendous ease of use for content contributors, provides a toolkit for getting your projects done right, and in record time.

AutoConX Systems

AutoConX Systems is a vertical website provider specializing in automotive, agriculture, recreational and heavy-duty equipment as well as real estate. AutoConX Systems caters directly to media companies as well as directly to dealers. With more than 25 years of experience in publishing, and more than a decade in software solutions, they offer hands-on industry knowledge, refined best practices and constant innovation. They have a solution for you whether you are a large or small media company or an agricultural, recreational or automotive dealer.


Mitrahsoft is an India-based outsourcing software development company specialising in CFML development. They deliver a wide range of services including product engineering services that includes custom software application development, mobile application development and maintenance. Mitrahsoft is also regular contributors to the open source, CFML-based Preside CMS.

New Corporate supporter


LAS is also pleased to welcome our latest Corporate supporter, CMD, who are a web and mobile consultancy focussed on helping you develop awesome applications.

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For more information about all the members of LAS:

For details on how your company can join LAS as a member and help build a better Lucee:

What function do corporate association members play? Do they contribute financially, or with staff? Or by testing code?

LAS Members are Corporate entities that represent a voting Member of the Association. All Members make a monthly financial contribution as a Membership fee. In addition, many Members contribute time and effort from their development and management teams to ensure the success of the Lucee project.

Other Lucee Supporters make varying financial contributions and/or contributions to the source code, documentation and other Lucee community projects.

A big thank-you to each and everyone who makes a contribution to the Lucee project – we love you all :heart_eyes: !