NerdVision now supports Lucee!

What is NerdVision?

So maybe you are a Lucee user and asking what is NerdVision?

NerdVision is created from the makers of FusionReactor - Intergral. NerdVision is a SaaS service to enable developers, DevOPS and support to see inside applications during production run-time.

Today, the “vision” enables you to extract live data (scope variables and stack traces) and virtual logging information without the need to modify code or perform restarts / re-deploys in order to capture it.

NerdVision is an agent and can be deployed into dynamic environments, which are typically much harder to debug due to their transient nature. The benefits are that you can instantly get insight into your applications, bringing issue isolation time down from possible days to minutes. Here is link to a short overview video.


Support for Commandbox was just released

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