Need help with Memcached settings

I’m setting up a new cache using Memcached, and I’m not familiar with the settings. I’ve looked around for documentation, but I haven’t been able to find any.

I want to setup a cache where objects expire after 6 hours. Do I need to explicitly set the timeSpan and idleTime params in cachePut(), or can I set them in the cache settings (preferred)? Below are the settings that I’m not familiar with. Specifically, what do the time-based settings do?

I assume Maximum Idle Time is idleTime or TTI in ehcache (obvious). Is Maximal Busy Time the timeSpan value or equivalent to TTL (time to live) in ehcache?

An explanation of the other settings would also be very helpful as I’m about to put this into a production environment.

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+1 for documentation needed for cache settings! In the dark here too! :frowning:

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