Need help, first time + custom application

First I’m going to have to find where the error logs might be, I’ll look around for them. If there is some standard CF way/place for errors let me know.

Something like this for Commandbox.

Awesome, finally real data to work with:

“Error”,“Thread-6”,“04/15/19”,“13:30:54”,"",“Connect to [/] failed: Connection refused: connect

I take that is a service that’s expected to be on the server with this app. that just isn’t there so I may have to add one or more of these before I get it all going.

Thats normal if you’re using commandbox… its part of the addon services with Adobe CF. The only problem that would cause is if you use the new pdf utilis - cfhtml2pdf or whatever.

When was this app created? Last modified?

I just set up the HTML to PDF service last week for a CommandBox install and it was super easy. Just download the add on installer from Adobe and run it, choosing the PDF Service to install. It starts up on the default port and your CommandBox server will “just work” after a restart when it finds the service running.

That said, this is a Lucee Server forum so I’m not sure when we ended up discussing Adobe ColdFusion :slight_smile:

I think I have mentioned that above somewhere but in any case I was able to find out it was running on CF 10 which looking it up was from 2012 - 2014 …so not exactly new.

As I was writing this I heard from our client and even though I told them that this was probably just another day away at most (in hours work, not necessarily days) from getting going as long as being very old technology doesn’t get in the way, they don’t want to pursue trying to resurrect this site anymore and want to look to future developments now.

If that changes I’ll let you know.

I wanted to let you all know this so that you didn’t have someone new come along and then just disappear without any reason. Unfortunately I live in the world of other people’s budgets and agendas so even though I would like to take this to it’s conclusion unless I get a go ahead again I’m going to have to stop here for now.

Thank you everyone, this is a really cool community.

It got to CF because I was looking for some way to get the old technology going and came across Lucee. Early in this (near the top) someone put me onto commandbox and noted that it was very old and then perhaps it would be more likely to get this running using the CF engines of commandbox rather than the default Lucee engine… it would have been cool to get this going with Lucee and not need to set a CF engine but at this point I guess we’ll never know if that was possible.