Need help asap with Lucee & Coldfusion 9

Seeking consulting support with Lucee and Coldfusion 9 in a cluster environment. We are an e-commerce company. Anyone interested in a contract role for a project? thanks,

Are you looking for developers? Or might the reference to clustering and the two cfml engines mean you’re looking instead (or also) for admin/troubleshooting consulting? I can offer the latter (only), while others might offer the former (only or also).

I’m asking for the sake of others as much as myself.

You can find more on my rates, approach, satisfaction guarantee, contact info and more at Charlie Arehart's Server Troubleshooting Consulting Services.

Thank you very much for your response, Charlie. We need troubleshooting/consult and possibly a developer.

@Angela_Salvex I posted a link to this in the #jobs channel of the CFML Slack team.