Need advice on how to collect money from buyers

I am setting up a method for radio stations to pay for radio shows that i produce. The shows are weekly and stations will be able to pay me weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually Most of the stations are in the USA. and I dont have a US Bank account. I am in Australia. So here’s my question:

How should I ask them to pay me?

I realise that a lot of the stations are very VERY small local businesses - one or two people in a lot of cases. They are not going to be wanting to go down ot the bank to send money by international transfer, and they are going to be resistant to paying me in Australian dollars/ So i have been thinking i need a way for them to pay me simply and easily, preferably to set up automatic payments somehow. How do you recommend i do this?
I’ve thought abouto Venmo - does that work in this kind of scenario?
Paypal would work but i am not sure it has a businesslike image to it. I want the payment method to help make my operation look professional
I could ask them for a credit card and charge their card every week/month/quater/year and i guess if you own a radio station - even a very small one you probably do have a ccard but there are still people who wont want to do that
I pay Australian companies by a transfer from my bank account directly into their account or to BPay. Ive been told thats not a ‘thing’ in the USA.

Can anyone help me with some advice please?

What you do is ask yer accountant, not a bunch of ppl on a CFML forum.

There will be tax considerations, and possibly legal ones too.


Look at I just started using them. It was simple to implement and they accept 135 different currencies. Do a search for international.
Paypal is pretty good with international also - but a little more complicated to use.

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Assuming you mean what payment platform is easy to integrate with Lucee, I also recommend Stripe, and stripe-cfml:

My problem is I’m Australian I have never tried to do business paying money to an Australian company from the USA. I have known for decades that the US Banking sysem is about 20 years behind us here in Australia and NZ. I need to know how to complete this sentence when I am dealing with American radio stations: “To pay us you can transfer money to our bank in Australia via international transfer, or you can use …<what do i say here? …>”

My account will be Australian too, I need someone in the USA to tell me how they would pay an invoice every month from an Australian company. tax matters and legal matters I can handle I am just looking for how I complete that sentence - what i set up to make it as easy as possible for American small businesses to pay me in Australia. If they think it’s too complicated or too unknown" they wont buy my weekly show. I can’t open a US bank account becuase I can’t go into a US bank to open one. I’m not in the USA. They need ot see my face and see it’s the same as on my ID

For 200 USD Ill tell you…

In all seriousness, Use any kind of credit card processor, thats how.

State your business only accepts credit card payments or wire transfers.

Stripe, PayPal Pro, World pay are all international payment gateways and nobody in the us would bat an eye at paying something with Paypal or Stripe or world pay.

for paypal:

No disrespect, but how is this relevant to Lucee?


Stripe runs a program called Stripe Atlas. Stripe Atlas | Incorporate your startup in Delaware: C corp or LLC

Atlas allows you to inexpensively set up a Delaware Corporation, get an US bank account and a Stripe account. I have not used it but from what I’ve observed it is quite popular and brought Stripe a lot of overseas business.