MySQL JDBC Client Cert?

Anyone used a client certificate in ACF or Lucee to connect to a MySQL instance via JDBC?

Haven’t found much in the way of searching as to how this is accomplished.

I was able to bring in their CA Cert to our local cacerts, but they also sent me a client cert and a client private key? Seems like a private key would have to be generated by me on my system, but :man_shrugging:t2: who knows?

Are client certs required for encrypted connections to MySQL? (I may not have a choice with this vendor, but would be good to know)

Any advice is appreciated.

My SQL client (and many SQL Clients) allow SSL setup with these certs filled in:

so I’m wondering if there is an equivalent for Lucee/Tomcat JDBC?

Anyone configured anything like this for Lucee or Adobe CF?