MySQL dsn issue (zeroDateTimeBehavior)

Looks like it was saved as “convertToNull”, but after upgrade Lucee to, we see the error message: The connection property ‘zeroDateTimeBehavior’ acceptable values are: ‘CONVERT_TO_NULL’, ‘EXCEPTION’ or ‘ROUND’. The value ‘convertToNull’ is not acceptable.

Right. That was changed in version 8 of the MySQL JDBC driver.

You can either edit the connection string manually, or downgrade to an older driver.

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We are trying the newer version of MySQL… so we will keep in mind to modify DSN manually.

Thank you.


It is the code for the lucee page. Nothing else. If you inspect the element in brave… It shows convert_to_null. if you change that to converttonull the page works. I have been trying to find the page in the lucee code to correct it, but cant seem to find the file. Afterword and additionally, the database works as expected.

oh, and the reason I am here. it is a huge pain to update a datasource because I need to preform this same procedure for every datasource across 30 servers.