Mysql 8.0.9 - DSN connects to first database in mysql

Just updated the mySQL connector to 8.0.9 on Lucee running on Server 2012 / IIS 8.5 and have run into a bizarre issue:

When creating the DSN, it doesn’t honor the database selected and defaults to the first database in mysql. If I delete the first database it just move on to the next one.

Had to downgrade all the way to 5.1.20 to restore functionality.

Hi @kuc_its,

I’ve tested with mysql & DSN detects the database as expected. I doesn’t find any issue while choosing database.

My Testing Environment :
Apache Tomcat/8.0.36
Database (Name/Version): MySQL 5.5.16
Driver (Name/Version): MySQL Connector Java mysql-connector-java-8.0.9-rc (JDBC 4.2)

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Interesting - still have the same issue after upgrade and a Lucee restart
Win 2012/IIS 8.5

Apache Tomcat/8.5.28
Database (Name/Version): MySQL 5.5.16
Driver (Name/Version): MySQL Connector Java com.mysql.cj-8.0.9

I’m running Tomcat 8.5.28 (Installed with the Windows installer)