Multi tenancy options

My long, slow road to being a modern dev…

I have used MySQL for decades now. And I have previously developed a large application with CF where the multi tenant data was in one database, using specific identifiers for each client. Even then, the database was never a challenge to manage. Maybe I was just lucky.

But I know this is not “the way” to do things now. So, I am wondering if you have any advise for a “beginner” looking to implement a modern version of multi tenancy. Is there code or application that applies changes to each database? Is it done with MySQL views? What is an easy way to start?

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Not sure if this is the right way, but I would go with a security first model.

MySQL / MariaDB can have separate users and permissions per user per database.

As We have something like this, you would create a master database blueprint, from there you can export and import the schema to a new mysql instance, add your own permissions and point that lucee instance at that database.

You can control all of this via the Application.cfm/c

application.dsn1 = customer1.database.or.server
application.dsn2 = customer2.database.or.server
application.dsn3 = customer3.database.or.server

So on and so forth

Thanks Terry! I get what you are saying. But even before that step, what do you use to manage the multiple databases? For instance, if I want to add a column to a table called “dayOfWeek”, and that column has to be added in 20 identical schemas (20 databases), what do you use to do that instead of manually adding (even through a DB manager) to each database. Aren’t there tools for doing this kind of replication and management?

You could use a database modeling software (e.g.
or you could use a migration plan (e.g. Getting Started)

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one option is using partitioned tables

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Use Transactions for this.

The code would go something like this

  UPDATE  'db_customer1'.'somethingthatneedsdayofweek' SET `visible`=0 
    WHERE 'name' IN ("table1","dayofweek");
  UPDATE  'db_customer2'.'somethingthatneedsdayofweek' SET `visible`=0 
    WHERE 'name` IN ("table1","dayofweek");
  UPDATE  'db_customer3'.'somethingthatneedsdayofweek' SET `visible`=0 
    WHERE 'name' IN ("table1","dayofweek");

of you could use ColdFusion to do something like that.

<cfloop customer.dsns.listx >

update customer.#customerX#.dsn
where somethingthatneedsdayofweek
 'name' IN ("table1","dayofweek")

That’s what I was thinking you were getting at. I’ve been out of practice long enough, and heard people talk about this that I just assumed there was some kind of extension or open source tool that rolled changes across a series of databases as needed. I can see CF doing this, but it would seem best to create a tight application that does this and only this - unless someone already has?