Moving application from OpenBD to Lucee

Hi all,

I have a small application that was originally built to run on BlueDragon, then migrated to OpenBD when it was released.

With support for OpenBD having ceased in 2014 I’ve been attempting to migrate my app over to Lucee.

It’s not going well because I’m not technically adept at this kind of thing - just an HTML/CSS jockey really.

My question is if you think it’s feasible to get my app working on Lucee fairly quickly, or is it going to be a case of having to change every file?



I never played with OpenBD myself, but Lucee is a lot more generally compatible these days than it used to be, it shouldn’t be too hard, but you might be better off engaging an expert like @cfmitrah to help you

Thanks for taking the time to reply @Zackster :slight_smile: