Move deploy folder upwards

this is not a biggy but still worth of a small discussion.

As you know there different ways to install an extension in Lucee 5; one of them is to simply copy the extension file to the folder /lucee-server/context/deploy. My idea is to give that deploy folder more exposure my moving it upwards to /lucee-server/deploy next to the folders bundles, context, patches, what do you think?

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i assume there are no concern on this?

Just noting that this change has been made and is present in the latest SNAPSHOT distributions for Lucee 5:

It’s currently undecided which extensions will ship by default with the standard distribution. With that in mind, you may find that things like lucee-all.jar are missing extensions you might want. These can be easily added by copying the extension into the right location.

For example, in Docker your Dockerfile would include a reference like so:

# ADD over Lucee extensions
RUN mkdir -p /opt/lucee/server/lucee-server/deploy
# Add s3 extension
ADD /opt/lucee/server/lucee-server/deploy/s3-extension.lex

for the moment lucee-all will contain all extension that contains functionality that was part of the core in Lucee 4.5.
so out of the box, it is the same.
problem i have to solve first is that extension contains bundles that are already in the core, i’m working on a smart solution that automatically remove redundancies like this as part of the build process. i will inform as soon all “core extensions” are bundled.

S3 extension is not considered part of that list?

BTW i can’t get extensions to deploy in the new folder location. I think it would be very useful to report the installations ./deploy folder in the Admin overview page. It would certainly help with troubleshooting.

yes s3 included. deploy is directly in the lucee-server folder, next to bundles, patches … folder is also generated by lucee, so simply look for the deploy folder …