MongoDB as a virtual file resource?

Is it possible to use a MongoDB store as a virtual file resource in Lucee? I read a note on this page:

with this info:

Since Railo 2.0, it is possible to use all different kinds of virtual file systems with all different kind of file related tags. Railo supports the following virtual file systems:

file (file:// or c:\ or /var/…)
ram (ram://)
Note that you can store the location for the RAM resource to any external cache or NoSQL key value store)
ftp (ftp://username:password@ftpserver/)
db (db://datasourcename:/)
http (http://fileLocation)
ZIP (zip://pathToFile!directory/file)
TAR (tar://pathToFile!directory/file)
TGZ (tgz://pathToFile!directory/file)
S3 (s3://
I can’t find very much useful information about virtual file systems in Lucee or Railo. I’ve reviewed some posts about the s3 support, and here is some barebones information about two interfaces required to support a cfml-based virtual file system:

I have done a cursory review of the Lucee Java source code for virtual file systems. It looks like more than a couple of days worth of work to implement a new ResourceProvider. Are other devs interested in this feature? I think it would be very useful as a way to work with binary files in MongoDB.