Mod_cfml supported added to CommandBox bleeding edge

I’ve added support to the bleeding edge of CommandBox for having multiple contexts. You can now stick a single CommandBox instance behind

  • IIS/Boncode
  • Apache/mod_cfml
  • Nginx (with some manual headers added)

with as many virtual hosts as you like defined in the web servers. With the flick of a switch in CommandBox, it will create new contexts, each with their own web root, on-demand.

server set modCFML.enable=true

# Set in BonCode or mod_cfml config
server set modCFML.sharedKey=myKey

Read more about it here and please give it a test.


Hi Brad,

That’s great and helps limiting the usage of space on smaller hds. Do you have any plans to support Apple Silicon natively in near future on macOS? Just switched my machines and learned it the hard way that installing it via homebrew don’t work anymore.

Best regards


@cfmedicus The issue with the latest version of java that Homebrew gives is actually a Lucee bug so you’ll need to ask Lucee when they plan to support it :slight_smile:
That ticket is in the backlog with no movement, so you’d better cause some noise if you want it to get worked on.

I don’t use Macs, but people who do have told me that downloading the JRE-included version of CommandBox and installing it manually worked without issue on an M1. It’s only the default openjdk version that Brew uses that Lucee won’t work with.

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thanks for the awesome information.

I also don’t have a M1 mac, but should work with M1s nicely,

Java 17 is still not completely working

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I do not have an m1 mac either. I have an old intel based mac that I managed to update to big sur.

seems like java openJDK 11 seems to install / work better.