Migration's influence on the code

Hello everyone,

I recently join a new team which work with CFML on Railo. They plan to migrate to Lucee, but had some trouble during the process. So, it was delayed for another time…

Personally, I need a virtual machine to perform some test et discover dev with CFML.
So, because it’s quite difficult to do it with railo since getrailo.com is down, I would like to build this VM with Lucee. (and because it’s better to be up to date too… :stuck_out_tongue: )

But, I don’t know the impact this migration has on the code. Which influence has Lucee ?
The code of my team, running on railo, can work with Lucee ?
Do I just need to install Lucee and put the code on the right place, or I need to adapt the code for the new engine ?

I hope to be enough clear, and that my english is not too bad… :smile:

Thank you in advance

If you want to run Railo, the easiest thing would be to use CommandBox. It requires zero install and will download everything it needs.

CommandBox> start cfengine=railo

As far as your questions about whether or not your Railo code base will run on Lucee- I’ve no clue. That’s not really a question anyone but you can answer. You said your coworkers had some “trouble”, but who knows what that means… I’d say test it on Lucee and report back with any issues you have. Lucee is a fork of Railo and literally the same code base so I’d be quite surprised if there were significant changes! To run your site on Lucee, just do this:

CommandBox> start cfengine=lucee

That will give you the latest Lucee 5 release.

CommandBox seems magic for local dev, thank you !

I know what I’ll do tomorrow :smile:

And, indeed, I’ll be able to compare my code with both engine, with this.

Please report back if you have any issues with CommandBox. I know a guy who can help…

Here’s some reading for you to get going:

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Hi !

A little question : how can I use my configuration available on the prod with CommandBox ? I would like to work with the same settings than the prod, is it possible ?
We are working with railo.

Thank you in advance :smiley:

If you just want to copy your production settings to your development environment, you can copy the XML config files for Railo/Lucee and overwrite the ones that CommandBox creates. Lucee should also read a Railo config file and convert it.

I have a project called CFConfig that will import and export config to/from any CFML engine, but I haven’t added Railo support. It’s probably fully compatible with Lucee, so maybe you would want to help with that.
It would go something like this:

cfconfig transfer from=/path/to/prod/server/home to=CommandBoxServerName
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Thanks for you reactivity :open_mouth:

This XML, is it railo-server.xml ?
And where is the ones that commandBox creates ?

Maybe can I do it with server.json ? I’ve seen there’s a lot of option for this json…

Your project seem interesting, maybe when I’ll have more experience :smiley:

Server.json won’t help you with the CF engine configs. It’s all about web server and JVM options.

There are two config files in Railo/Lucee and the one(s) you want depend on where you stored your settings-- in the server context or web context. The server context by default is in your server home under lib/lucee-server/context/lucee-server.xml (usually starting in whatever folder has lucee.jar) and the web one by default is under your web root/WEB-INF/lucee/lucee-web.xml.cfm. For Railo, just adjust the names.

To find the server home in a CommandBox server, just run the following command:

server info property=serverHomeDirectory

You’ll find both contexts in that folder under /WEB-INF/lucee-server and /WEB-INF/lucee-web.
After you copy the files, run server restart. If anything goes wrong, check out server log

Thank you for the procedure, I’ll test it tomorrow :smile: