Migration from Coldfusion 9 on Windows Server 2008 R2?

Is there documentation on moving a Windows server from ColdFusion 9 to Lucee? Ideally I would like to just uninstall CF and install Lucee, but I doubt it will be quite that easy.

I blogged our experience of doing so (via Railo) a couple of years go.

Your doubts will probably be justified, but it really depends on the specifics of your current code base.

It did end up taking a lot of effort in our case, but I have to say it was worthwhile. We were actually quite happy with CF9, but Lucee is much better.

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For our moving from CF10 Enterprise to Lucee it was as painless as uninstall CF, install Lucee, and patch endless, endless code incompatibilities. Now that we have, other than one really really amazing bug we had to work around in a really weird way, Lucee’s been great.

I’m curious, what was the amazing bug and how did you solve it?

The amazing bug was that cachedAfter does not work at all on Lucee.current UNLESS you also pass in ( which should probably throw an exception ) an arbitrary cachedWithin value. So I had to run a regex find and replace to add arbitrary cachedWithin=“whatevs” to all of our myriad uses of cachedAfter for them to work. I raised the issue and pointed out the problems and a solution in the Java source code in the Slack channel, and was told they’ll get to it soon, but right now if you plug an otherwise functional ACF app into Lucee and expect it to just work none of the caching using cachedAfter will, and will even throw a strange error if you’re on a version before the patch we deployed.

ah, is that bug covered by one of these three issues?

I think it’s covered by https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/browse/LDEV-1304, which is the basic request for the feature to exist and work as it does in ACF.

But it would appear that the code that was added to make cachedAfter work didn’t really do what it was supposed to, most likely because the person authoring the code was given bad information as to what cachedAfter should do. Are you on the development team? If so I can walk you through exactly how it should work and the issues in the Java code, should be a pretty simple process to get it working as expected and as it works in ACF.

I’m just an end user who likes to ensure bugs get filed so they can get fixed!

Can you update the task? the lucee devs engage pretty quick, especially when you have
the insight into the problem as you describe