Microsoft SQL Server Application not installed?

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OS: Windows Server 2019
Java Version: 11.0.11 (AdoptOpenJDK) 64bit
Tomcat Version: Apache Tomcat/9.0.46
Lucee Version:

Any advice on the Microsoft SQL Server application not showing as installed in the lucee admin? I am not sure (sorry) during which update this changed (I think it was It definitely is installed and working fine with several datasources on this server but shows that it is not in the admin.


Not Installed

what does the detail page show?

Do you mean the MSSQL application detail page?

Adding a new datasource shows Microsoft SQL Server no problems


Existing datasources also no problem

hmm, which version do you have installed?

I do show 2 extensions that failed to deploy, not sure what they are.


i hate these stupid guids, we will get around to making them go away

as per my screen shots, can you sort by name, the sql server ones start with 99 (full guid is 99A4EF8D-F2FD-40C8-8FB8C2E67A4EEEB6)

if you go to bundles in the admin. search for mssql, what do you see?

the extension just installs a UI for editing a datasource and an osgi bundle

Lucee will auto download bundles based on the datasource config

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Thanks for the troubleshooting tips. Both views are below

FYI, for anyone else who faces this situation. You may be tempted to do as I did which is to click on the install icon to install the SQL Server extension. Don’t do that, it broke all my existing SQL Server datasources. I uninstalled the extension to get back to previous state.