Memcached Extension - username/password entry?

I have been using the memcached extension ( (setup in the lucee server admin) and using a local memcached server. We are now trying to use a an external service that protects the server with a username/password – anyway to enter this in the “Lucee Server Admin” so that we can connect to the service?

I have tried things like “username:password@server:port” as the connection string but that doesn’t seem to work even though the “verify” always says “OK” – my test code is never able to put/get any data.

Trying to use this as the session/client storage – assuming it must then go through the “server cache” entry - yes?

Any other thoughts?


I can’t advise you on the extension-memcached part but I do have a memcahed server running on a micro server at aws. Are you quite sure you have the correct port open on both servers?

I use the memcached client found at:
For the server I use ubuntu, install is: sudo apt-get install memcached

Maybe try telnet to see if you can connect to the server.

Hey Andrew, I also have multiple Memcached servers (3) running on AWS - they are talking and all is “good”. I would like to use Memcachier (SaaS) offering that has a better “high availability” setup but they require a username/password. I could go with who also offer memcached BUT I just had 2 outages about a week ago one day after another and pissed off too many customers - redislabs does username/password but they also do IP whitelisting which technically would work for “session/client storage”.

The custom tag you mention is good - I have used the “spy jar” for memcached too but not possible (that I know of) to use it for “session/client storage” which for us is HUGE speed increases. Our “page level caching” we could re-work to use the “spy memcached custom tag” but it is a waste of time without being able to implement it for “session/client”.

If you think of anything else let me know!