MariaDB Connector Lucee 5+ Extension Download

Download MariaDB Connector Lucee 5+ Extension

I have install this on our Lucee server and use as the Datasource on 4 of our MariaDB databases so far, has anyone else had experience of using this?

I’m using it, no issues at all.

Yes MariaDB Connector Lucee 5 works OK, I thought I may of found a bug at when I first posted. I wonder why it does not ship with Lucee?

I would guess because the official MySQL extension does cover both MySQL and MariaDB so it would be a duplication of effort.

However, inspired by Bruce (Jetendo), I’ve created a MariaDB extension based on the current stable Connector/J (version 2.4.1) and made it available as a Github repo and on

If you add Forgebox as an extension provider in your Lucee Admin you’ll be able to install the extension in the same way as official ones.

PS: If you use CommandBox servers, the extension should be available automatically.

Actually, CommandBox doesn’t do anything to add ForgeBox as an extension provider. Lucee 5.3 added it to the core. Note, a bug in Lucee prevents downloading from forgebox via environment variables in 5.2 but this should be fixed in 5.3 I think. Installing from the admin was fine (it was a matter of following redirects correctly)

Thanks for the correction, Brad.

Incidentally, this is my first extension and use of Forgebox. Preparing things takes a bit of time inevitably, but publishing the finished product to Forgebox was incredibly easy via CommandBox. What a great job you’ve done.

Thanks! I left some additional feedback for you in a DM on CFML Slack :slight_smile: