Mapping issue with multiple sites/contexts and admininstrator set to single mode

Version |Lucee
Loader Version |
Servlet Container |Apache Tomcat/9.0.72
Java |11.0.18 (Eclipse Adoptium) 64bit
OS |Windows Server 2022 (10.0) 64bit
Architecture |64bit|
Inspect Templates (CFM/CFC) |Always ( Bad )
Key case |Convert to upper case (CFML Default)
Null Support |Partial Support (CFML Default)
Local scope mode |Classic (CFML Default)

I upgraded to lucee Lucee with single mode turned on.
I have a mapping called /global where I put shared code.
I have a file called info.cfm in global/. this file dumps the application.applicationname.
when I call the file from each on the sites I sometimes get the the application name from the previous site I visited. If I reload then the correct application name displays. displays site1 displays site1 displays site2 displays site3

Why have you set your admin to single mode, when using various web sites? Maybe I’m missunderstanding something, but isn’t your scenario typically for multi-mode? I think your sites should work even in single mode, but you may need to share some code of your applicatio.cfc

We have never used the “Web” admin for any of our sites in the past. We add all our caches etc to the “Server” admin and then use the Application.cfc in each site to personalize the configs as we see fit. The mappings are defined in “Server” and we regard them as being global to all sites. This made me think that the individual “Web” admins are of no value and can be turned off. We haven’t experienced any other issues while using single mode apart from this strange cross site caching of pages in a mapping.