Maintain connections datasource equivalent in Lucee?

What’s the Lucee equivalent setting to this in ColdFusion for datasources?

If you enable Maintain Connections (a ColdFusion Administrator setting available to each data source), ColdFusion Server will cache the connection information to the database and will not log out of it. This allows subsequent requests quicker access to the data source.

Using the “Thin” driver:
Oracle 11g (Release 2)
Oracle Database Driver to access an Oracle Database System.

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Version Lucee
Version Name Gelert
Release date Oct 11, 2023
ontainer Apache Tomcat/9.0.24
Java 11.0.6 (Oracle Corporation) 64bit
OS Linux (3.10.0-1062.4.1.el7.x86_64) 64bit
Architecture 64bit