Mach-II and DB storage for sessions

Hi there I have posted this in Slack - but not everyone uses Slack so I thought it best to start a thread here, too.

Has anyone managed to get the Mach-II framework working when storing sessions in a database (MariaDB/MySQL)?
I am using Lucee 5.4.latest and I have tried Mach-ii 1.8 / 1.81 and 1.9

Initially I get a bigInteger casting issue, which I have fixed with a one liner… but sessions just do not work correctly.
I kept getting Mach-ii messages about the session not being active / not defined and I have to login, again.
If I do NOT use a DB for session storage - the application works fine.

Don’t forget to tell us about your stack!

Java Version: 11.latest
Tomcat Version:
Lucee Version: 5.4.latest

not specifically mach-II,but I have had issues with the native sessions, but if switch them to java sessions, i have no issues.