Lucee's cfimap


i’m trying to move some coldfusion code to lucee, but having trouble with lucee’s cfimap

after some trial and error - removing the open, removing the connection, removing secure (although from the lucee docs that should work, but i get ‘Attribute secure is not allowed for tag cfimap’ ) i can get a list of emails from the inbox folder

how can i get a list of the folders? action=“listallfolders” gives me an error;

invalid value for attribute action, valid values are [getHeaderOnly,getAll,delete]

i’m guessing there is a way, why have imap access if you can’t get folders? i also notice in the error message theres no move? how can i move emails?

the lucee docs are a bit sparse on cfimap, which is a shame as it seems quite different to the coldfusion version

any help would be appreciated



if anyone reads this in the future after struggling with lucee’s cfimap, it appears its been a known issue for years - with no progress so far :frowning:

That ticket has been around for a while, but seems to have a relatively low number of votes as it seems to be a more niche usage scenario. If support for this is very important to you, there always is the option of hiring Rasia cc/ @Gert to procure a fix for it. As it stands now, the ticket is likely to be in the backlog for a while unless it gets some momentum. You can also appeal to our fearless PM @IamSigmund to review it for a future sprint if it is an easy fix.

thanks for the reply

i found this which i’m going to look into and test (looks like he tried to make into a lucee custom tag but couldn’t get the help Cfimap custom tag extension), but otherwise i think i might have to go back to adobe coldfusion - i’m going to need cfimap on a few sites in the future

Fair enough, but do consider the cost of your Adobe licenses. You may be able to put that same money to good use getting some features into Lucee! I’d hate to see this one feature be the deal breaker.

i have sites on lucee and cf, it was nice that i could do code for one that would work on the other

i’m going to try the code above and hopefully that’ll work out, but if not most of my sites are on shared hosting, its an extra £5 a month to go back to cf - i doubt i’d get a fix for that price :wink:

Hi Luke,

CFImap had been implemented in one of the latest snapshots of Lucee. A client contributed some funds to support it equally to ACF. Perhaps you can give it another try.


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We’ll update the ticket asap. Might have been overlooked.


thanks, thats great to hear :slight_smile: how long do you think from this recent snapshot to a stable release?

Well first of all, can you confirm it is working as expected? And normally a few weeks. The next one is due in March afaik…

Looks like this one is well underway, but I’ve added it to my watchlist, to
make sure we stay with it until there’s a good resolution one way or

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I just completed a new project involving IMAP and found fatal flaws and annoying incompatibilities with Lucee’s built-in tag in the I was only able to complete the project with the tag I found here it uses the ACF dialect and resulting structures and works very well on linux and windows and I’d like to suggest adopting it as a built in or menu installed official extension. I have no idea if this was already considered or if there are other things going on. My experience was that, today, it’s much closer to where everyone wants to be on CFIMAP.

Lucees built-in tag seems much like BD’s tag and has at least one of the same issues as BD did. It fails to show attachments for emails originating from exchange- or at least the ones i was getting. The data is there in the content part, but Lucees IMAP shows no attachment dumping a getall action.

About the level of interest on this tag being understated: Being new to Lucee and not knowing any of this, I have to admit it was very discouraging when most of the examples I could find did not work at all. It’s important to have basic core stuff like this working for new people who are looking at different app servers. Sad to say, if i had not previously done a project w/ Lucee i would not have worked at getting a solution and just moved on.

That said, Lucee seems to have unprecedented momentum that I hope will expand the community to the many new, lurking or lazy developers that are looking for easy solutions. Thanks!

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