Lucee4 docker image and file creation issue


Under Lucee4 docker image running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS,
My Dockerfile contains only following two lines:
FROM lucee/lucee4:latest
COPY www /var/www

cffile action=“append” or action=“write” failed to append to an existing file or failed to create a new file.

I’ve looked at Lucee admin, it does not seem to have a way to resolve it via admin panel.

@justincarter @modius @pfreitag any thoughts?


Hi @justaguy,
I checked it in lucee/lucee4:latest as well as lucee/lucee5:latest using docker in Ubuntu, both cffile action=“append” & action=“write” are working fine for me. Did you face any error? If so could you mention it so it would be useful to replicate the issue here.

@cfmitrah no error. Also, this user account is in the “sudo” group as well, so, it should have plenty of permissions. Thanks.

I’ve just replied in the other thread you posted to;

It’s unlikely to be a Lucee setting, it will be something related to your file system permissions, most likely if you are using volumes?

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