Lucee with tomcat installer

I use Lucee with tomcat server a few years back and there was an installer for windows for it, anyone knows where i can find this installer?


Please see this post:

And also this post here for an alternative way of installing an actual Lucee as a workaround.

Thanks @andreas i messed my windows 10 previously when i mistakenly took the advice of someone of installing some sort of “reactor” to watch/monitor all the lucee web traffic something, once installed i immediately regretted, but unable to uninstall it… then, all got loose…

I bet, the lucee installer you recommended is fine, but my machine is mess, tho i’m able to get luccee up and running I don’t feel safe to run it… it’s unable to register as a windows service for tomcat… i’m giving it up for now… safety of my computer is more important…

It seems like people struggle with finding the windows installer (as did I). I ended up just taking shots in the dark. Perhaps we can have it added to the downloads section?

It normally is, it sometimes just takes time to get it up there I guess. You can always roll the select control back a version and it will be there.

also not sure how tthe service issue has anything to do with safety of your computer, it simply installs a standard service or uninstalls??

it may be that you still have a service installed for tomcat in windows, did you run the uninstaller?

Otherwise if it is still there after wiping out lucee, then just use windows powershell or terminal to manually remove the service (try the uninstaller first)

Is there an installer for Mac OS? I tried to follow the instructions downloading Tomcat and Lucee but it didn’t work.

Hi @rparente

Which instructions (where) did you follow? Are these from here?

As far as I understand, the installer is only supported for Linux and Windows. But you should be able to use the Lucee Express Version. Another option for MacOs is CommandBox.