Lucee welcome screen in iis site

hello there, been looking around but no luck, today I had a new cloud server win 2012 with IIS 8, downloaded and installed Lucee, I can navigate to both server and web logins, have added an IIS site and when I navigate to it it shows the Lucee welcome screen.
I also have had railo running for the last 5 years on another server with no issue.
It’s something silly I’m missing I’m sure.
Can anyone help ?
Many thanks

Maybe a little more background would be helpful:

what URL are you using?
Are you saying you are seeing the welcome screen and you do not want to see it?
Have you deployed code that wish to see instead?


Thank you for your reply… The problem was that the default website was still running in IIS, I stopped it and it eliminated the problem.
Thanks again.