Lucee WebSocket Client Information

I’m seeking information about how to use Lucee as a WebSockets Client. NOT a server. A client.

I need my Lucee server to connect to a Endpoint and do things with the data. I do not need Lucee to act as a WebSockets server.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve last fished around for results, but it would seem nothing has been discussed in the years since my last search. I found a beta Client extension, but there is literally zero documentation or usage examples to help me get started.

Are there any resources, documentation or anything out there regarding a Lucee WebSocket Client? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated in this multi-year endeavor.

JC has done some preso’s in recent years using as middleware for both clients and servers.

Some demo code is available here:

In particular the ‘other-demo-files’ directory might be of interest. Not sure if this helps, I haven’t played with it myself yet, though there are discussions afoot that we might be doing something similar for a project in coming months.


– Denny

Java 11 has a new HttpClient class which has built in support for WebSocket Client. Future work should be based on that since Java 11 is LTS and already GA for about a year.